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Part time developer, but mostly I like to play with things. Pretty much anything is fair game -whether it be PowerShell, ASP.NET, C#, SharePoint or whatever.  I live in the Seattle area.


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    • I answered this recently on Stack Overflow. In the C# .NET project, there is a App_Start\Startup.MobileApp.cs file – this contains the startup for the C# edition of Azure Mobile Apps. The JWT definition is in there (rather clearly) – you will need the same stuff – Audience, Issuer and ClientSecret.


  1. Hi Adrian,

    I followed your tutorial on asp.net authentication providers. I use the following code to get the email address of a social provider but seems to get stuck on twitter :
    return credentials.UserClaims
    .Where(claim => claim.Type.EndsWith(“/emailaddress”))

    To get a email address from twitter your app has to be whitelisted on their development portal. I have done this already but not sure how to extract the email address from within azure. I found some resources but that all involves sending oath request to twitter with all access keys.

    I’m hoping azure gives me an easy way to get the email address as I use the service for authentication and dont really want to build a seperate process for twitter. Thanks.


    • It’s really a matter of figuring out the right incantation to get Twitters OAuth provider to return the email address. Since Twitter uses a username instead of an email address as an identifier, you probably have to ask for additional claims. I’m writing about auth this week, so I’ll take a look at the problem and write a blog post about it if/when I figure it out.


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