30 Days of Azure Mobile Apps

So many people have asked me about providing a table of contents for the 30 Days of Azure Mobile Apps. Here it is!

  1. Setup
  2. Local Development
  3. Azure AD Authentication
  4. ADAL Integration
  5. Custom Authentication
  6. Personal Tables
  7. Refresh Tokens
  8. Table Controller Basics
  9. Table Controller Operations
  10. Middleware
  11. Table Access
  12. Conflict Resolution
  13. The HTTP Table Interface
  14. Linking Existing Tables
  15. Understanding Offline Sync
  16. Offline Sync .NET Edition
  17. ASP.NET Backend Introduction
  18. ASP.NET Authentication
  19. ASP.NET Table Controllers
  20. Custom APIs
  21. Calling Custom APIs
  22. More on Custom APIs
  23. Understanding Push Notifications
  24. Push with Tags
  25. The Push to Sync Pattern
  26. Relationship Advice
  27. File Handling (v1)
  28. File Handling (v2)
  29. Post-Processing Files
  30. Catching Up

I hope you enjoyed the season. Don’t forget to join me for future Azure Mobile Apps blog posts on the Azure App Service Team Blog.