The Most Popular Articles of the Year

I suspect there may be a bunch of blog posts around the Internet that wrap up the year. Here are the most popular articles on my blog for the year:

React with ES6 and JSX

In fifth place, I did a series of articles on working with ECMAScript 2015 and React/Flux, working on getting a typical application working. I also poked into some stage0 proposals for ECMAScript7. I really enjoy working with React, but I’m torn between Custom Elements (and Polymer specifically) and React. Custom Elements are more standard – React is more popular. I’ll be revisiting this again next year (which is in 24 hours, but I’ll likely take longer than that).

Aurelia – a new framework for ES6

In fourth place, people were interested in how I would do my test tutorial with Aurelia. Aurelia is a really interesting framework and I prefer it over Ember and Angular. The learning curve is relatively small, although I will have to revisit the whole framework discussion as Angular 2 and Ember next-gen are coming out. This tutorial included using authentication with Auth0 and accessing remote resources.

ASP.NET MVC6 and Bootstrap

A one-off article on adding Bootstrap to ASP.NET MVC6 applications came in third place. There are other Bootstrap posts that are also interesting, including one that got made into a video.

Talking of ASP.NET MVC6

With the next revision of ASP.NET imminent, I took several strolls through the alpha and beta releases of that framework. There is a lot to like about it and a lot that is familiar. I’ve mostly switched over to a NodeJS environment now, so I’m not expecting to do much more in this area, but it is a much nicer environment that the old ASP.NET.

And finally, Visual Studio Tooling!

Fueled in large part by a link from the ASP.NET Community Articles page, the #1 page for the year was an article I wrote that described the Web Development extensions I used in Visual Studio. It also generated the most discussion with lots of people telling me about their favorite extensions. I’m using Visual Studio Code more these days – it’s lighter weight. I still love this list though.

Next Year

2015 was definitely the year that frameworks changed – In .NET land we got a look at the next revision of the ASP.NET framework, and in JavaScript land we got Aurelia, React, Flux, Relay, Angular-2, ES2015, Web Components, and several new versions of Node. I hope the framework releases calm down in 2016 so we can start sorting out the good from the bad and ugly. I’m going to take new looks at all this and work on my side projects. I hope you will continue the journey with me.

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