Moving to

I’ve run my blog on a self-hosted WordPress install on Microsoft Azure. For reference, I’m running it as a Website with a small Basic instance. It’s worked thus far but it costs me about $30 a month to run it. That’s over $300 a year, which – for my small blog, is more than I’m willing to spend. In addition, I’ve had several outages of my linked MySQL database on Azure where I’ve had zero visibility into why it was down and no service messages to show that it was anything but a fault.

So, expensive and unreliable don’t mix. Goodbye Microsoft Azure! I’m sure your larger offerings are good, but for a personal blog, it’s just too much. Hello, which – for what I want – is $99/year. I could probably get away with the free blog (3Gb and styling), but I want my own domain name and you shouldn’t have to watch ads to read my thoughts.

What do I lose from all this? Well, plugins. comes with a series of plugins, but I had my own set. Specifically, I had syntax highlighting as a plugin. Fortunately, has a solution for that.

I hope you enjoy the updated site and join me every other day as I discuss something.

A side note: As part of the set up for my blog, I had to contact support. I think you don’t really know a company until you contact support. Then you know just about everything that a company stands for. It took 24 hours to handle my request (but it was a Sunday!), but their support group was awesome. The domain change is in my court now.

Update on the transition: There were two issues that I had to work through. The first is source code. Under my self-hosted version of WordPress, I used pre tags and a plugin to do line numbers and syntax highlighting. Under, one uses short codes for syntax highlighting. So I have to go through all my posts (there are 80 of them) and convert the tags to short codes. Secondly, the links to my own posts (when I refer to previous posts) didn’t get converted. Hence I have to convert them all myself – I’m doing that at the same time I do the code tagging. As a result, the older posts will take a while to have readable source code. I hope you be patient with me while I do the conversion.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled discussion.